Thursday, February 02, 2006

Abramoff and golf

I read an interesting article in SI this week correlating how this disgraced lobbyist has gotten golf in the front-page because of his use of the game to pay off pandering politicians.

It's long been long-known that the golf course is where you want to do business because you can get an immediate look at the persons' makeup by one round of golf.

I think the real reason is it's the only place you can go to be in complete privacy. Let's face it, lobbyists and politicians don't golf just to kill 5 hours...they're there to use their connections to further their agenda...same as businessmen.....but the key is it's private. Unless the club puts a wire-tap in the hole, there is not much risk of having a conversation overheard.

Is this a good thing? Yes, I think so, because it is testament to the fact that we do have someplace to go to escape the day-to-day noise that each of us have to deal with. To know that there is a place to go for 4 hours and be in complete solitude (okay, for the most part) to me, is a relief. For the majority, one cannot just go off in the woods or jump in a boat. Where else is there another genteel spot in this world that exists for the sole purpose of privacy? Look no further than your local golf course. So the next time you're out on the course, thank your local lobbyist. :-)

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short-grass.


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