Saturday, September 20, 2014

Guest Post

Why You Should Golf in Ohio
Ohio is a state known for many things – the very first professional baseball team in the Cincinnati Reds, producing eight US presidents (more than any other state), and having a university that dominates in many collegiate sports. It is also known for its temperate weather and its golf; with 44,828 square miles of land, there’s plenty of golf courses in Ohio on which to tee off.
Golf is a highly popular pastime in the Buckeye State. This can often be seen in the many Ohio golf tournaments that take place as well as the variety of the local courses. Ohio offers both upscale options for the seasoned pro as well as laidback possibilities for the golfing novice. Muirfield Village, for instance, is a signature Jack Nicklaus course that is mirrored after Muirfield, Scotland. This is one of the golf courses in Ohio that caters to those highly serious about their game. Maplecrest Golf Course, on the other hand, offers a more casual atmosphere.  And, of course, there are golf clubs that offer something for players of all levels and attitudes.
Longaberger Golf Club is one of these clubs: it is the ultimate of all golf courses in Ohio. Not only does it offer the best golf in Ohio, but it also offers a bucketful of amenities. From the restaurant (The Overlook) to the clubhouse, the practice facility to the staff’s willingness to help coordinate overnight accommodations, this is one of the few golf courses in Ohio that offers the complete package. Longaberger is also known for its special events – it’s home to many of the golf tournaments in Ohio that occur each year and offers members of the public the opportunity to have their wedding at a golf course – that scenery makes for amazing photographs. As a golf course, Longaberger offers a unique experience in fact, the course has many accolades to back up this claim: it was rated the number one public course in Ohio by Golfweek magazine and rated number fifty-one on Golf Digest’s 2014 list of one hundred greatest public courses in America. Longaberger golf, Ohio locals know, has offered the public upscale, quality golf since its inception in 1999.  The course was designed by the famous golf architect Arthur Hills and features a majestic mix of beautiful scenery, 340 acres of rolling terrain, and parkland-style play. Centrally located only 40 miles from downtown Columbus, Nashport is the go-to place for players who are serious about having a nine iron experience that’s truly a ten.
Thinking of coming out to golf in Ohio? Plan it out and book a tee time at The Longaberger Golf Club. 

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Guest Post

What To Do After Experiencing the Best Golf in Ohio?

The Longaberger Golf Club is know all around the States to have the best golf in Ohio. The course is huge, beautifully maintained and famously scenic. However, after a long day golfing, there are many other places to visit for a full experience of Nashport, Ohio. Nature preserves, walking trails, horse riding and the worlds largest basket are all waiting to be enjoyed by tired sportsmen.
Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve
This gorgeous nature preserve is situated a fourteen minutes drive from the Golf course entrance. The main feature is a four mile gorge cut through the famous Black Hand sandstone formation by the Licking River. The calm waters are perfect for a canoeing excursion. Don't worry if you didn't bring your own canoes, there are well priced canoes for rent close to the parking lot.
If you prefer land to water, and enjoy the lush scenery at Longaberger Golf Club, there is a biking trail that rides through the forests. The plant life is rich and the path is sheltered by families of Oaks, Hickories, Virginia Pines and Mountain Laurels. On the northern exposures grow Yellow Birch, Cherry Birch and Eastern Hemlock colonies. In the spring it becomes an excellent site for those who love wildflowers.
Licking County Equestrian Center
Just eighteen minutes from the golf course lies an equestrian center. If golf carts and other form of non pedestrian travel are your style, try a lesson in horse riding. The Licking County Equestrian Center is a small farm surrounded on all sides by flat grasslands, and beyond them lush forested hills.
Are you already an avid horseman? Then bring your own horses and stable them for a negligible fee. The Nashport roads and countryside are famously horse friendly. 
Dillon State Park
If you are looking for a place to bed down and relax, Dillon State Park is the place to stop. A sixteen-minute drive from the Longaberger Golf Club, it offers clean facilities, a camp store and a place to do your laundry. Free Internet is available around the camp store for those who need it.
Activities are offered. Great fishing, free movie nights, stargazing sights with telescopes and a giant hill which gathers snow in the winter. Down this hill on homemade sleds fly the local children. Before the winter, however, are the fall leaves which rest throughout the wooded area and even onto the beach to serene effect.
T.J. Evans Panhandle Trail
A bare seven minutes from the course, the T.J. Evans Panhandle trail begins. Starting in the woods and winding its way through Amish country, the untouched path offers the most serene route back into town. The trail begins to track the Ohio Central Railroad and finds its way back into town where you will catch a glimpse of the world’s largest basket.
It serves as the seven story headquarters for the Longaberger Basket Company and is made from the same wood as the basket sold from it, only one-hundred and sixty times larger. Walk in to learn the history of David Longaberger, the man who kick-started the area's industry and gave his name to so many attractions, up to and including the home of the best golf in Ohio.
Planning to book a tee time at Longaberger Golf Club? See what else you can do while you’re visiting Ohio.
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Book review

This week I finished a softback book entitled 'Who is Harry Bigballs?' It is NOT for the faint of golfer.

It's about a group of guys that have annual golf-a-pallooza of their own kind....the type of event that hundreds of males try to get hall passes for every year.

Inside the read there are mash-ups of events you would see during your fraternity days on a golf course....did I mention only guys should read this....guys that are interested in reading about others' escapades during a golf outing.

There are clever golf games to try though, with instructions on how to play....but will assuradly get forgotten if your group drinks as much as this foursome.

So,this is not your mama's book on golf....unless you wallow in the enjoyment of the extremes of bad behavior.

Thank you for the read Harry...I think.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Need a job?

For Immediate Release:                                
January 20, 2014                                                                                   
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – While it may be the height of winter, hiring in the golf industry begins to heat up this time of year, as employers prepare for the upcoming golf season. Accordingly, the PGA of America’s 13th Annual Jobs in Golf Month will launch in conjunction with the traditional opening of this week’s 61st PGA Merchandise Show and continue promoting employment opportunities in golf throughout February.
Jobs in Golf Month highlights both the online employment resource tools and a breadth of jobs within the $68 billion industry., home to PGA Employment Services, is the centerpiece of the Jobs in Golf Month initiative, as it serves as the golf industry’s online resource for jobs. Over the past year, a total of 3,936 jobs for both PGA Professional positions and the general public were listed. The Jobs in Golf Month initiative at the PGA Merchandise Show includes recruitment services by leading industry employers; employment workshops; and comprehensive PGA Employment Services.  In addition, a number of companies will conduct on-site interviews with candidates for open positions.
PGA Employment Services is an invaluable resource for promoting every imaginable golf industry job that is currently open, from general managers to PGA head professionals to equipment representatives to sales to chefs to wait staff. In addition, it serves as a solution that matches job applicants with potential employers by highlighting job opportunities that are currently posted on
“Many people think of golf as their dream job, which explains why 2 million people point to the industry as their place of employment,” explains PGA President Ted Bishop. “Golf is a highly attractive workplace, thanks to the beauty of the golf course, as well as the amazing relationships you form with colleagues, contacts and clients who love the game as much as you do. With $55 billion in annual wages generated, many people wonder how they, too, can work in golf. With Jobs in Golf Month, this is your golden opportunity. And for those already in the industry, the program highlights the PGA of America’s commitment to working closely with our Professionals and industry employers to align candidates with new job opportunities.”
PGA Employment Services is supported by 12 regional PGA Employment Consultants, who strategically match applicants with employers that are seeking to hire talented and dynamic PGA Professionals. The Consultants also work to educate employers on the many benefits of hiring a PGA Professional.
Another feature of PGA Employment Center is CareerLinks, a complimentary employment referral service that enables PGA Employment Consultants to help employers identify the skills and experiences necessary to perform a specific job, and then enter the search specifications into the CareerLinks database to identify qualified PGA candidates. This service continues to grow, as 604 positions were posted through CareerLinks in 2013.
For more on Jobs in Golf Month and to find your dream job in golf, visit
For more information on the PGA of America, visit

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Druid Hills Country Club

Georgia Airways for Fairways, an excellent tournament/fundraiser for the American Lung Association/GA Chapter was recently held here. Nestled inside Old Atlanta's Fernbank neighborhood, where the prestigious Dogwood Invitational is held,  Druid Hills Country Club offered up some fine golf that required exacting shots, and precision putting on some of the most challenging greens MyDailySlice has ever played.

It was nice to play inside the fences, instead of being on the outside looking in, to a gem of a private course.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Guest post

How Posture Boosts Golf Performance


Scott McCormick writes for Golf Now Houston about the best places to hit the links in Texas.


                Posture is important throughout our daily lives in a number of ways, and its significance doesn’t wane when the game of golf is considered. In a sport where technique and consistency are expected in order to achieve any level of success, posture is a key ingredient for a pleasant scorecard.

                A lot of it is mental, and a lot of it is physical. Posture is a major factor in a player’s efforts to acquire a fundamental technique on the golf course. Many factors affect a person’s ability to develop and maintain a good posture:

-Body type


-Natural tendencies

-Physical ability and athleticism

-Developed habits

-Mental awareness


The bottom line is that the exact ideal posture for each golfer is different. However, there are ways to improve it, and they often apply nearly universally in principle.


How to Position Yourself for Success


                There are a few ways that golfers of all types and skill level can enhance their stance and positioning. While all of them surely don’t apply to every player, the gist of each can often be applied to some facet of a person’s game.

1.       Stand tall with knees bent slightly:


One of the most critical factors in mastering golf posture is trying not to curve the back and stand tall. This helps golfers drive through the ball and avoid the natural tendency of pulling upward in the down swing. While there will surely be a dip of some sort in each player’s swing, the goal is to stay consistent through the stroke follow through. Standing mostly upright with knees slightly bent is a good place to start.


2.       Arms should fall straight from the body:


Arms need to be straight when a player gears up for a swing. This doesn’t mean that they need to be flexed straight to the point of hyperextension, but rather a calm and focused arm position.


3.       Body weight should be positioned to fall on the balls of feet:


 Like most sports, athletes perform better when they are acting and moving on the balls of their feet. Golf is no different, and with the importance of balance in the game, this idea is even more critical. The better the balance and weight distribution, the more fundamentally sound a swing will be.


                There are so many essential ingredients to compile a well-rounded and successful golf game. While posture is simply one of them, it’s a significant step toward improvement and performance on the golf course.


GA- Fairways For Airways Golf for the Lung Association

GA- Fairways For Airways

MyDailySlice will be there. Hope to see you too!