Friday, May 06, 2016

Book Review: One Putt, the ultimate guide to perfect putting.

Ok, this is a really good book about putting. If you are learning the game, or wanting to go back to the basics to learn the foundations of what it takes to become a truly excellent putter...then you need this book written by putt-master Ken Brown.

One Putt gets right to the point buy letting its readers know that the act of putting is not a golf swing to be taken lightly: 45% of a golf round is putting....let that sink in...or shock you...then find a quiet spot, and read this book slowly...practicing the drills, and climbing the "putting ladder".

Many awesome drills, tidbits, and gems tucked inside this easy-to-read and easy to understand 175 page book. You'll want to start at the bottom-rung, and not skip the rungs to build the correct foundation. Don't just skip to what you think you need help with. What you need help with can possibly be found by understanding the "rung" right below it.

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short-grass,


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Book review: This is Your Brain on Sports

I recently read this fantastic sports book that uses hard data from various athletic performances to offer a psychological perspective. This is Your Brain on Sports, the science of underdogs, the value of rivalry, and what we can learn from the T-shirt cannon  is a quick-read, that drills down to the why-we-do-this, why-we-act-that-way questions, using examples from different sporting events to individual athletic highs and lows.

You may be interested in: why do I want to go play golf when I can't even make a 3-foot putt when it counts? Well, it's called sunk-cost...and this book offers up the why's and what-for's in this feeling that we have when we play this great game of golf, using golf as the example to understand sunk cost.

Every chapter is interesting, funny, and on topic. This is a great book to enhance your conversational golf repertoire, because it is filled with timely stories that describe the behind the scenes from a mental and habitual perspective.

So, please check this book out. I promise, it will not be a sunk-cost use of your time.

Keep it in the short-grass,


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ice golf in Siberia!...go while the dollar is strong!

My friend Pavel wanted me to know about a once-in-lifetime golf adventure that he is promoting thru his travel company for a truly unique experience at the far reaches of the Earth.

Although one might think going out to your local muni in New Jersey might offer the same experience...I don't think the trek would be near as awesome!

Irkutsk, Russia, February 2016. If people play grass hockey then why not play ice golf?

From March 15 to March 20, 2016 in the heart of Russia, on the land of mysterious Siberia, International Ice Golf Festival will be commemorating its 12th anniversary. The goal of Baikal Ice Golf 2016 is to provide golf players and travelers from all over the world with an opportunity to broaden their golf experience, challenge themselves to play golf on the ice and snow surface of the fascinating lake Baikal and draw the attention of the international community to unique recreational and sports opportunities available at lake Baikal.
Here, at lake Baikal, you can gain brand-new experience taking part in training sessions and an exciting golf tournament on the ice/snow golf course created by Nature herself. 

The festival's location is the bay of Maloye Morye and Olkhon Island.

Each training round takes place near a certain natural landmark of the lake. The participants of the festival will be able to evaluate the difficulty level of the golf course created by the unique nature of Baikal: ice-holes in ice grottos, ice cracks and hummocks and sandbars. The participants will have to overcome all of these natural obstructions. Besides all that, one of the training sessions will take place on the surface of the deepest spot of Baikal (1637 meters/5370 feet).

The doors of the festival are always open for golf beginners and for all those who dream to see the legendary lake Baikal.

For more information, go to: International Baikal Ice Golf Festival which 1will be held from March 15 to March 20, 2016. 

Keep it in the short...uh...snowflakes!


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Book review: Revenge of the Golf Gods

What if you could take a pill to guarantee winning a golf tournament...would you do it?

Ok, it's probably being done right now with Adderall...but I digress...

Revenge of the Golf Gods is a fictional take on this idea, when worlds collide to bring a wannabe pro golfer, and a desperate drug developer in contact with each other.

The book ambles its way to developing the main character Gordon Howard, and his sidekick caddie, whom together reach Q School. The journey that ensues is a page turner.

This is Author Howard Jahre's first book, and worthy of the bookshelf. The ending is pretty good.

It is fiction, but I'm sure that the genie in this bottle book is being played out in a non-fictional form. Heck, it's in cycling...and has permeated sports in all forms.

It is sad state of sports, and reading this book leaves one to ponder is anyone left that has a conscience... besides fictional caddies.

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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Book Review: "The Flem Cup"

I just got back from a week vacation in an old haunt: Myrtle Beach. The place is set up for golfers...young and old. Now that I am in the family stage of my life, we exhausted all of the very awesome miniature golf courses that make up the Grand Strand. (reviews of these courses coming soon).

But back in my single days, I, and a group of avid golf buddies, hit the formal golf courses that are a very big part of Myrtle Beach's fiber. The 5 hour drive there was full  of anticipation, the 5 hour trip back was full of stories of what happens in Myrtle laughed at.

That is how the book The Flem Cup is set up. It introduces you to the characters that make up this group of avid golfers from across the globe, to get together once a year to play in a bragging rights as to which side of the pond the Flem Cup stays until the next year. Through its 5 years, the Flem Cup
survived through 9/11, diagnosis of non-Hodgkin's, and marital issues.

In the book, are the stories that made up these years, what went on, and the personal journey's the author Scott Dow continues to recognize.

This book helps harken back to those days when buddies would organize golf trips for the golf, and the close friendships that these outings bring. I would recommend this book for those that haven't written their stories yet....because they are there, and like this book tells its story, you never know how they will end.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Book review: You! A Golf Guru!

Last year, my son and I were at an event, and when we came back to the parking lot.... our car... it had a flat tire.

I immediately went into "Dad" mode...scouring the back pages of my memory to remember how to change a tire. After a half hour of pulling tire-changing tools and manuals out of the car and scattering them on the ground to make sense of it all, my son simply said..."Dad, why don't you use the tire pump in the car to pump up the tire?" Yeah,we had this air pump in the car that worked off the lighter...but my son...because he didn't know of any existing tire-changing principles...simply asked the question without regard to the way things are suppose to be done.

Short of it is, the pump worked, and we were able to get on our way and enjoyed the rest of the day.
We  use a phrase from that day...SLOW  DOWN....when faced with a task that seems problematic.

That is how this book hit me...You! A Golf Guru! is a great how-to-be-a-golf-buddy book. It is what you need to know BEFORE you think you need 100's of dollars in lessons. It is a simple book that shows you how to slow down...enjoy the game for what it is, and have more fun for you and your friends that you are playing with.

This is Golf's version of 'How To Win Friends and Influence People'

The book, by author Philip Rennet gives us a collection of story's and observations of how one should approach the game as your game exists now, and learn to enjoy what the game has to offer, while playing your game.

Golf is hard, but it doesn't need to be ruined by bad attitudes that alienate the group...this happens when you think you're playing below your capabilities. This book shows you how to accept your abilities, and work on your foundation of fun!

Read this book before you pay for those lessons of how to play better. Slow down and smell the roses.

Thanks for reading...keep it in the short-grass,