Thursday, March 16, 2006

The best time of the year

March is my favorite month: the NCAA basketball tourney starts today (SDSU is my upset special); the greens are hardening up around all the golf courses, as the wet winter fades away; spring training is in full gear (one of two reasons to live in Florida); and the nature-signs of spring are all around (Augusta is going to be freakin' beautiful this year).

Oh yeah, there's one more thing: March is the one month where you can have the most impact on the way you play golf for the rest of the year.
All you have to do tomorrow (3/17) is wear your green. You will have all the good luck for the rest of the year. Remember those fades that were s'pose to be draws last year? Remember the 3-putts that were s'pose to be 2's? Wear your green tomorrow, and those negative thoughts will disappear. You will play your best golf this year.....if you're wearin' the green. Hey, the Masters' jacket isn't green for nothin'!

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-green grass!


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