Saturday, March 04, 2006

Product reviews

Well, as predicted, my son caught my virus, and now he's the one eating the chicken noodle soup. The good news is I felt well enough to get in 18 today at a local military base.
I couldn't wait to tee off with my Snake Eyes Compression driver. My first round with it left me wanting more, partly due to the fact that it was so cold out, and because of that, I didn't get a good feel for it.
Well, todays' round gave me plenty of opportunity to experience this 400cc bad-boy. If you remember, I paired this clubhead with my current ProLite S shaft (which is what I have on my 3 and 5 metals). I wanted consistency, thus the reasoning for staying the course with this shaft. I took off the old Mizuno T-Zoid head, and replaced it with the Snake Eyes.
I hit it with much more consistency this time, and the club is easily giving me 20 yards more distance.
One big gap in my game had been not being able to take advantage of par 5's...well, I birdied both 5's on the back 9. I also felt more consistent with this club than any other driver I have hit.
Bottom-line, If you are looking to do some tweaking, give Snake Eyes products a test.

I also tried another product that was given to me by my friends at as a thank you for helping them with the golf show last week. The product is marketed by, and is perfect for a guy like me who carries a towel while golfing (and I don't mean on the bag).
The way I carry a slightly wet towel is I clip it to one of my belt loops. That way it is easy for me to clean my ball without having to go to my bag every time. The problem with this approach, is that sometimes the towel will get in the way of a swing or a putt....very annoying on windy days!
Enter the GolfRound. Now, I can attach this disc on my belt clip, and there's nothing to blow in the wind and/or get in my way. You can also fold it into your pocket (as it's shown on the website), but I felt that my pockets became too crowded, so I liked it better clipped on the belt loop.
I just wet it a couple times during the round, and it did a great job replacing my old ratty-looking towel I'd hang off my pants. I will consistently use this product.

This coming week my posts will focus on how to hit these 400+cc clubs in the short grass consistently.

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short-grass.


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