Tuesday, April 25, 2006

These guys are good

I was reading the Taylor Made Tour Blog (which I have featured in my Links section). It's a great site to pick up the nuances of what goes on behind-the scenes at an event (from the perspective of Taylor Made).
I wanted to cut-and-paste a paragraph from their SHO visit this past weekend that talks about Daly changing the loft on one of his irons:

"We got a call from John Daly, who was out at the local Hooters doing a regular appearance outing saying he needed some apparel for signing. Fellow Tour Rep Scott Cuppett, who would normally bring Daly his apparel, balls and gloves etc., was out on vacation this week, so John asked Keith and I to bring out his stuff. While we were out there, John mentioned his long irons needed to be checked, so we met him at 7am the next morning and found that his 3-iron and 4-iron were the same loft. His MB TP’s are soft, coin-forged blades and apparently he was hammering the 3-iron hard enough and often enough the week before at Hilton Head to change the loft. We ended up strengthening his irons and he was back in business."

Yep, these guys are good.

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