Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"All the past can help you." -Robert Henri-

Big news in the golf-world is that John Daly has a new book coming out next week.
As typical for a book release...the publisher finds the most juicy or controversial tidbit in the book to share with the media. This creates the buzz, and drives sales for the book-tour.

In typical fashion, the publisher has taken out a skeleton (say it ain't so!) in Dalys' formidable closet to use for the book buzz....ready....you won't believe it.....pause for effect....here it comes.....

.....Daly has a gambling problem.

Really? I'm shocked!!! Let me see: a "blue-collar guy" that has a expanding waistline of vices (as any Daly Planet voyeur can see); has more troubles with exes than I have Tour JD balls in my bag (I got 2-dozen); and makes more money than the "typical Joe's" (that he calls his fans) combined.....has yet another problem?!


I don't get it! How does this guy continue to be the poster golfer for Joe Golf Fan? Where exactly is the line crossed where Joe Fan says: "hey, if this meathead wants to f-up his life, so be it...as for me, he's off my pedestal." and instead, look for a new guy to replace Daly?

Here, I'll even pick one for ya: hello JB Holmes.

Clearly though, Daly is scraping the bottom of his pickled barrel. To wit: his accelerating commercial presence; TV, his multitude of sponsors (have you seen his tour shirts?), and now this book.

I could be wrong, and his popularity could continue....why?....because he has lots of skeletons in his closet that he generously shares with us ad nauseum.....he knows, as do his constituents, that people always will pay up for the latest and greatest dirt.

He is in fact, his own soap opera, and he plays the media-game brilliantly. So I guess we need to ask who's the meathead? Joe Fan, or John Daly?

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass.


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