Monday, May 08, 2006

Daly's popularity follow-up

From the Taylor-Made Tour Blog:

"This course requires a great amount of shot-shaping and is perfect for TaylorMade Staffer John DalyÂ’s style of play. Fellow tour rep Scott Cuppett and I had a chance to accompany John to the local Hooters again to help him with apparel and hat signings. It was great to see so much TaylorMade and Maxfli exposure, and as always, itÂ’s amazing to see the positive response he gets from the public and how well he relates to his fans."

Yes, it is amazing.

I think the bottom-line here is that the adult golf fan just wants to reach out and touch someone that will recognize them, and your average pro doesn't want to associate with the average adult golf fan. So you have a supply/demand problem here: Lack of supply of congenial pro's to huge pent-up demand of needy adult golfers. If a pro wanted to, there is a HUGE gap here that one could fill easily.

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short-grass.



Megan Heckeroth said...

I completely agree with your supply/demand argument. indeed, I am continuously amazed at the traffic numbers of my site and the volume of emails, fan signups and blog comments for me, a relatively unknown player by JD standards, by any standards.
I'll keep reaching out to make this sport a little more democratic...

Anonymous said...

I agree. I've never met any golf pros, but I have had a few chances to hang out with some hockey players (STL Blues) a few times at random bars, and most of them have been VERY down to earth.