Friday, May 19, 2006

Little-covered slices of the Wie-open Qualifier

There were some nice US Open qualifier storylines other than the one the media-hounds have decided to cover, Jimmy Hoffa's bones, are equally hard to dig up. But here's a small slice of them:

28 year-old Canadian Tour pro Brad Fritsch will go mano-a-....uh...wo-mano with Michelle Wie on June 5th at Canoe Brook, outside of Summit N.J. For a chance to make the US Open field.
He played with her in a Canadian Tour event when she was 13.
For the record, he also thinks she doesn't stand a chance (he must be grooming his opinions for the PGA Tour).
Hey Brad.....I hope she beats you six-ways to Sunday (but that's just my opinion).

14 year-old Ian Bangor from PA missed advancing to the next qualifier by shooting an 85.
Only 13 contestants from over 8,200 entries worldwide were 14 or younger. Gee, where was the media coverage on those kids?
His playing partner, Joe Nieporte, a golf teaching pro, shot an 83.....uh, barely beat by a kid who's never seen an Advil bottle.

This week, Wie received an invitation to play in a European Men's Tour event.
Wie was quoted: "My father and I have been joking that I'll basically play on all tours this year," Wie added with a smile."I have played the Japan Tour, the Korean Tour, the LPGA Tour, the PGA Tour and the Asian Tour. Now I've got the European Tour to come. I am honoured to play in my first European Tour event."

Whether or not she has the skill to play on these tours, make no mistake, it is about the money....but not the money she's making....rather the money others are making off of her.
The money goes with the path of least resistance (the more controversy = the least resistance for money to follow), and Wie is en-fuego. That is why all these tours are lining up to offer her exemptions. They know the money is flowing, and they want a piece of her actions.

That said, my take on Wie is that we are lucky to watch her sports-life unfold. Anytime I see a kid trying I'm excited. Be it a boy or girl, black or white, American or Asian, talented or not....I want to see what I believe is the essence of trying. Kids try, because they feel a more urgent need to cast their lot in life, rather than later as an adult.

That to me, is more fun to watch. I hope Michelle (the kid) advances to play in the US Open.

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