Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just don't ask him for gambling tips

Since July 17th, AuctionJAM Inc. (a subsidiary of EBay), has been auctioning off an opportunity to caddy for John Daly in the Telus Skins Game in Banff Springs Canada August 7-8.

The auction ends July get your bids in now.....oh by the way, the current bid is $17,600 US (bidding is in Canadian units).

So far, there have been 53 bids, the highest bidder (bu111ercup), and of late, has been in a bidding war with reg5577golf.

Nicklaus, Norman, Garcia, and Stephen Ames (Ames? even my 3-year old can pick which one doesn't fit in this group) will join Daly in this Skins event, with all the proceeds (tournament and auction) going to the Alberta Childrens Hospital Foundation. Read the mice-type before you bid though, because even though the winning bidders' money will be donated to charity, tax laws will consider it as a purchased item, and you will be taxed.

So use the EatGolf Shopper service on the right, plug in "John Daly caddy", and start a new bidding war. Maybe you will be holding John Daly's (see list of items below and insert here) for a couple days in the pure air of Alberta.

To get you prepared. Here is the list of items Big John might want you to hold for him (besides his golf bag):

scotch glass
poker chip
Diet Coke can
coffee cup

Hey, who said the life of a caddy is glamorous?!

Good luck! If you win, please get me Stephen Ames's autograph. He'll be the one standing in a corner all by himself.


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