Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Golf's good-sport mascot

Last week in pre-season NFL, the N'awlins Saints backup QB was injured by a golf cart, driven in part by Tennessee Titan mascot T-Rec.
Now...T-Rec is an over-caffeinated stuffed raccoon...which is suprising, given that the only raccoons I've seen along the Rocky Top's state I-24, are usually dead ones.

But I digress.

The reason I have golf cart highlighted is because without this 'prop', the story doesn't give you a laugh. Example: " Hey Duke, did you hear about the mascot that ran over the quarterback with a [utility truck]?" See...that's not the gut-buster that [golf cart] delivers.
Golf carts have been used for laughs from Caddyshack to My Shaggy Dog to old men getting traffic tickets in Peachtree City GA.

In the beginning, the Cushman name graced a 3-wheeled contraption sold to high-end golf clubs to get their members around the golf course. Ever since then, the golf cart has been adopted as the poster child for a good laugh.

Or a good cry....

Enter Mackinzie Kline. At 14, she is a superb golf talent, and one of the youngest girls trying to qualify for this years' US Woman's Amateur at Pumpkin Ridge OR. The only thing holding her back was the one thing she has no control over......her heart.
Mackinzie has a cogenital heart defect that, given the stress of walking a full US Am event, would have been out of the question for her to attempt without a big assist.

Enter the golf cart.

Mackinzie, and her friends and family, petitioned the USGA for a medical exemption to allow her to ride a cart for the tournament. Originally, the USGA did not allow it. But after a pow-wow (was Casey Martin involved?), the USGA came to their senses, and she was able to compete under the control of a golf cart to carry her and her bottle of oxygen.

This week, Mackinzie is at home with her friends having missed the cut at the US Am. No doubt though thrilled about the opportunity she had to pursue her goals thanks to an un-assuming prop...

...the golf cart.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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