Sunday, September 03, 2006

How to play golf on a rainy day

In today's ADD-world, old-school pastimes are going by the way-side, replaced by video games and TV. Conversation, family games, and family dinnertimes are as rare as a Tiger Woods 3-putt.

Adam Mc Wethy had this problem as well. Not satisfied to see his family and friends eaten-up by the ADD culture, he went to work, and developed a refreshing take on the sport we all love, added to it a little learning, and completed it with a family/friend-time experience.

His product is Card Golf , and if you want to get back to the days of when family and friends gathered to play games, I recommend you try it.

The game itself is very straightforward. A deck of cards, a scorecard (you can print some cool ones at their website), and you're set. Each player is dealt 14 cards(clubs), each card has a number on it corresponding to the length of the shot (a Driver is 250 yards, a putter is 10 yards and so on). Each player lays down a number of clubs that gets closest to the yardage of the hole on the scorecard without going under the yardage. The number of cards used (added with it the number of "strokes" over the yardage), and you have your "score" for the hole.

For myself, having a son that someday I want to show the game of golf to, this game provides a soft sell on golf, and in the process introduces addition and subtraction. Granted, my 3-year old is not at the age where he understands the nuances of Card Golf, but I can't tell you how exciting it is when he looks at a card from the deck and can tell me the what the number is printed on it. Seeing that gets my wife excited about the values of this game, and suddenly the whole family is interested in playing!

Will this be a game you'll find on your Verizon cellphone-plan someday? No. This is not a game you can play in a half hour while you're waiting to catch a plane to your next business meeting.

But, if you've planned a family vacation to get away from daily life, and want to pack a great game for the family that won't take up a lot of space in your luggage (and I don't mean PSP2)...Card Golf fits the bill.
If you've planned a fish-camp getaway with your buds with instructions to leave "unplugged', then plan on bringing a couple decks of Card Golf....and print out a scorecard of Augusta and BethPage.

With old-man Winter fast approaching, we all will be pining for something to do that is golf-related on those cold, snowed-in days. So ditch the Tiger Golf 2007 in favor of something a little more old-school.

And get back to your roots.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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