Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I {couldn't} wear my sunglasses at night

All apologies to Corey Hart for that classic song in '83 that defined my "age of defiance": moving out, living on the beach, selling stocks and making money...yeah, life was good.

Fast forward to 1997...I've got more gray hair than the backside of a silverback gorilla...more wrinkles than a Danielle Steele novel...and I'm far-sighted.

The first time I realized that my eyes weren't as good as when I was 21, is when I moved to a new city and kept missing the exits..."dude, I told you the Peachtree exit...why did you exit at Macadanian Nut Street?"

So I bought some glasses...and some prescription sunglasses.

For those of you who wear contacts, and can wear those cool Cool Ray's...well "la-dee-da" to you, and don't read any further.
For those of you that are stuck with prescription sunglasses, or just don't like on.

The first pair I bought looked like a solar shield wrapped over racquetball-sport glasses. You know, the kind that Borat could have gotten laughs with in his movie...the kind you'd wear if you wanted no more dates.

So I got married...(honey, I joke!).

Then the eyeglass industry changed, and I got the Oakley M-frames with the optical lens inserted into the shield. It was a major improvement in eyewear...they were much more portable, and indestructible.
They still lacked the high fashion though. An early sign of this was when my car was broken into, and they took everything (including my Barry Manilow tapes) and left these glasses.

Fast forward to 2007...I have seen the light...and I want to tell you about these shades.

The new Nike Vision shades.

For us mortal souls that wear prescription sunglasses...these glasses are Heaven.
Nike utilizes what they call Max Rx Optics Technology, which is the ability to use the whole glass as the optical lens. What this means (eg: for us golfers) is if I'm lining up a putt, I don't have to look through an insert to get the correct line, and my peripheral vision is 20/20.
I also opted for the polarization of these shades, and I can now see better definition in contrasting light. Which means I can stretch those last few holes out when the sun is going down, and still read a putt.

You should hear me belt-out Corey's song now...and man, do I look cool.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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