Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flipping through my recent Newsweek magazine yielded me a great new website I want to tell you about. It's not golf-related...yet...I think though it will be, as it will revolutionize high-demand events.
The website is The site allows you to buy options on your favorite team, with the hopes of either reselling the option at a higher price, or buying them at face value.
Let me give you an example: Next month is the holy grail for college basketball- the NCAA Final Four tournament. You can go to, and right now buy an option on your favorite team, with the guarantee you will be able to buy the real tickets for face value if your team makes it to the Final Four. The higher your team advances, the more your option is worth. If your team makes it to the Final Four, you can purchase these tickets (March 31st) for the event at face value. If your team doesn't make it...well, you've just been given a lesson in Options 101.

If you extrapolate this concept, you can see where this will work for all the golf Majors...even the FedEx Cup. You pick your golfer from the field, if he makes it to the third round, you can buy the ticket at face value.
This is the most revolutionary ticket concept I've seen in a long time, and I believe will be huge. A couple factors will contribute to this: the ability to seamlessly "flip" options, and the ultimate-being able to make a prediction...its an inherent trait in all of us: the ability to pontificate your prognostication.

I'll tell you my pick after I buy my option!


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Anonymous said...

make sure you compare the prices at

"flipping" is a lost easier there