Saturday, March 31, 2007

Quick slices;

I played 9 holes today. Couldn't get a baby-sitter to extend my round to 18. I'm sure when my 4 year old is 21, he'll thank me for not leaving him alone today.

Michael Jordan was playing behind me...that's right...THE MJ...Mr NIKE...the man...THE greatest basketball player of my time...

...playing behind me.

But I had to opt out of playing the back nine...just as it was getting backed-up...just as the groups were waiting on each tee box...just when MJ and his entourage pulled up to wait for our foursome (minus me) to tee-off.
A conversation...or to just have him see my swing could have ensued. He might have said "nice shot"...I would have said "it's good to be like Mike". Alas, that never happened.

Notice there aren't any pictures of him on this post. That's because my son thought my camera's lens-cap was s'pose to be taken off the camera.'s a Canon A610 SureShot...

...I found the "lens-cap" in multiple pieces in our house...

"Oops"...he said. "Can we hide them like Easter Eggs?"

Yeah, my son owes me...big.

Is it too late to stamp a return-to-sender label on his forehead?

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass.


PS: Check out my new feature: golf shorts via Google/YouTube on the sidebar. The Letterman one is hilarious!

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