Thursday, March 22, 2007

Something I'd like to see...

Nike has entered the confectionery business by partnering with the Hershey company.

In an interview with Phil Knight, the plan of action with the partnership will be to rename the PayDay candy bar to "TigerBar".

"It's the next logical step in branding Tiger, it follows other great athletes who put their names on candy bars...Babe Ruth, Ken Griffey...etc..." Knight said.

The renaming of the loved nougat will contain the same chewy-peanut-filled ingredients that made the popular candy bar a consistent leader in the sweet-tooth business.

As with Tigers' career, the bar will be placed in stores at a higher shelf level than the other candies scattered at kid's-eye-view. "We're placing the bar on the top shelf of aisles only to be attained by the truly-hungry souls that clamour for the sweet taste of success." Said a Hershey spokesperson.

Why the Hershey/Nike partnership?

Hershey's candy sales in the US have been in decline, and they need to make-up lost market share from their competitors, and Nike needs to continually push the Tiger brand further into the mainstream. This partnership will undoubtedly lead to other Nike-sponsored athletes personalizing other nougats in an attempt to ride the coattails of Tigers' if-successful partnership.

From the answers I got, all signs point to another victory for Tiger:

John Daly: "I like the nuts...they make me feel warm all over."
Mathias Groenberg: "I hope they offer it in kosher."
King Finchem: "Boy, this is good. Can the PGA license this with Tiger?"
Name withheld: "It's good, but I don't see any sign of fruits...I like fruits."
Another name withheld: "I like it cause it gets rid of HGH aftertaste"
Mikey (6 years old): "Does it come with an autographed card?"

But the best answer:

Phil Mickelson: "Well, it doesn't suck!"

Look for it in stores April 9th.

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