Monday, April 09, 2007

The definition of a Classic

Zach Johnson is in a self-described "surreal" moment right now. The 2006 Ryder Cup wunderkind, hailing from a state that is known more for its world class wrestlers than golfers, has probably been in a surreal moment since the birth of his son Will in January.
As a parent...and I speak of experience here...the first 4 months are so ridiculously hard, that everything is just blurred from what is real, to what is not.
Next month, when Zach wakes up from the 4-month newborn blur, will he then realize what he has accomplished on the most hallowed of grounds in golf.

In general, the 2007 Masters will be viewed as a great golf tournament, just because the element of the one thing that the players couldn't control...the weather...determined the outcome of this years' event. It is rare to see such a revered group of professionals be brought to their knees.
I personally think there are a lot of golfers this morning crying Uncle...and Hootie is smiling!

Next month, I will start my own personal 4-month newborn blur, as we are due for our second. Again, it will involve a lot of late-nights, and early mornings.
Thankfully, a tried-and-true Starbucks is right around the corner!

During the next 4 months, I will undoubtedly wonder how hard it must have been for Zach to win this major while caring for his son. I will then be amazed at how truly great his victory was.

On the surface, you may think the weather played a hand in dealing Zach his reward.

But as a parent you know it's more than that.
And that's what makes the 2007 Masters an instant classic.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,



Anonymous said...

Advance congrats on your upcoming second child.

MyDailySlice said...

Thanks AG!

My golfing will be curtailed for awhile, but I'll appreciate it that much more when I get back in the swing down the road.