Monday, July 09, 2007

Political irony

The trophy for the newly-minted Tiger Woods Congressional is a small replica of the US Capitol. On Sunday, KJ Choi hefted it above his head after taking a Ghinsu knife to the field, and de-boning the competition.

What's ironic to this event is when you compare it to what's going on off the golf course, a few miles away inside the US Capitol.

Right now, in the House and Senate...our political leaders are battling each other about how to handle the immigration problem, and the media is doing a fine job of polarizing our opinions on the subject. Should we let illegals in...should we keep them out...if their families are here should they stay...should we hand out more or less HB-1 visas...should we have worker programs to assist those that want to work toward becoming legal citizens?

Meanwhile in a world that is perfect (or as close to one as you can get)...yes, the golf world...KJ Choi, the first Korean to earn a PGA card...not an American...not an American-ized Korean...but a full-blooded South Korean who earned the right to play in America, banked over $1 million US with his win.
$1 = 920.60 Won...anyway you translate that, it's a lot of money, and its final resting place won't be in an American bank.

I'm sure there were a lot of Congressmen's dentures that fell on the floor after that win.

And there you have it. Such a simple solution to what has thus-far been an over-politicized and red-taped-morass of a problem has been solved from a guy named Tank.

You earn the right to come to America. Just like you earn the right to play on the PGA Tour.
You want to come to America to build houses? Here's a's the roof...let's see how you perform. Do it well and earn a green card. Do it'll get a red, and a taxi-ride back to your country.
You want your family to go to school? Here's a language test...pass, earn a green card, fail, and it's so long USA.
Abide by American rules...earn the right to live in a free society. Break the rules...go to jail...and I don't mean in America.

KJ Choi said that he read Nicklaus' 'Golf My Way' to help him become the golfer he is today.

I suggest today's Congressmen write a new book based on the teachings of the PGA.

They could call it: 'Immigration...our way'.

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