Sunday, August 26, 2007

Betting on the come

I love craps. By far, it is the most exhilarating game at a casino...but the game has more superstitions than the great Mark "The Bird" Fidrych.

I for one never bet against the come-out puts a negative spin on the whole purpose of wanting to have fun at the table. Half the fun of craps is everyone rooting for you when you roll the dice...the other half is winning...with the dice in your hand.

Notah Begay III is betting on the come. He is the official ambassador to The Turning Stone Resort Championship September 20-23rd. The first year tournament is sandwiched between the Tour Championship, and The Presidents Cup.

Notah is charged with wooing PGA Tour players to make the trek to his little oasis...but make no mistake about his real mission: it is Notah's job to bring Tiger Woods to the table.
Notah is placing a bet that he and Tiger (former roommate and teammate during the Stanford years) have enough of a connection to persuade The Chosen One to this little casino town of Verona, north of Syracuse.

Another reason Notah is ambassador for this tournament, is because of his Native American roots. Turning Stone is owned by the Oneida Nation which is supplanted in Oneida county. The clan, once decimated with poverty, has experienced an economic rebirth, thanks in part to the creation of the Turning Stone Casino and its semi-private golf courses which are world class.

The Turning Stone Resort Championship is the PGA Tour's only native American venue and
Tiger has a penchant for seeking out worthwhile causes...Notah believes this to be his wampum.

Right now, Verona is amp'd with the advent of their first big event to come its way since the Celebrity Chef Series. Notah is in the catbird seat...all the players are at the table waiting on his next roll of the dice to see if he hits the Tiger roll of 7's or 11's.

The exhilaration is intense as he fingers the dice in his sweaty little palm. He puts a little good luck blow on the dice right before he cocks his wrist, and flings the dotted cubes into perpetual motion...letting gravity pull them to the green carpet of the craps table.

And my money, with the rest of upstate New York, is on the come.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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Anonymous said...

Great alliteration. I love craps - I hate golf (well not really) We have a love/hate relationship...