Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sport's Illustrated takes a divot

I got my copy of the annual SI 'Sportsman of the Year' last week, and I feel Brett Farve was the popular...but (and is usually the case) not the correct choice. Farve has had a great year, but he has had a better career...and I think that's where SI misses the mark. I would vote for Farve hand-down as a sportsman of the decade...but for this year?

Me thinks not.

My vote would have been for Lorena Ochoa, the number one woman any language.

Winner of 8 Tournaments last year, she has become both Ayn Rand and Savior for her genders' golf, by successfully taking the hand-off from previous top cat Annika Sorenstam.
For women's golf, this was an important transition, because the golfer that was Annika's heir apparent...Michelle Wie, was too busy destroying her golf career...and was poised to do the same to the future of women's golf, had not this University of Arizona wunderkind stepped in with a wonderful rendition of the Mexican Hat Dance (Jarabe Tapatío) to save the future world of women's golf.

Because of Lorena Ochoa I dare say that women's golf has a better product going forward than men's golf.

Golf's version of the Mexican Revolution has just begun.

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Playing baseball or basketball is much more strenuous than playing golf. But people continue going at the golf galaxy only because it is a relaxing sport. And unlike hockey or lacrosse, there is not a lot of running around.


Anonymous said...

I think that Favre was defenitley a feel good choice and has had a tremendous year (don't he won't be the MVP for his own sport).

I think that their job is to sell magazines and unfortunatley I am not sure that the SI issues with Lorena on the cover are going to be flying off the shelf. Favre is an icon in America's most popular sport. Maybe Lorena (or any other female golfers) time will come.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your pick, and with the notion that Lorena probably didn't get picked because she won't sell as many magazines. It's too bad. I just read that Women's golf is now the largest growing segment in sports, SI should be rushing to the trend.