Saturday, November 01, 2008

Brother, can you spare a Million?

I'm a practical guy. I'd been pushing for a flat panel TV for awhile now, but when it became obvious that I can't even hear our current TV over the din of our dishwasher, I opted for the Kitchen Aid over the Samsung.

Now I watch TV in peace, and I realize I don't need an expensive upgrade from the current TV to see a clearer view of the unlimited channel selections on the weekends. Yes, I put that savings right in my pocket...

...and took it to the local gas station to fill up my car...

...but I digress.

Neiman Marcus is for the guy or gal that can buy both the dishwasher and the flat panel TV...and have money to fill up the Hummer. Yep, this place is for the big boys that want big toys.

If you haven't seen it, Neiman Marcus brought out their annual Christmas Book, which features fantasy gifts that you can purchase with your hard earned cash. One of the gifts is a Jack Nicklaus Custom Backyard Course Package replete with your own set of custom Nicklaus bag and clubs.

Apartment dwellers needn't put your plastic down for this sweetheart deal, as the package is a custom-designed 3-hole course and practice area on your property.

The Golden Bear will design the course, and then play the first round with you after completion. There is no mention if he will share a drink with you at your 19th hole. That, I'm sure, costs extra. After all, this is Jack Nicklaus we're talking about, not John Daly.

The tally for this gift? The price starts at $1,000,000.00. Construction and site preparation are extra..

...yep, even $1mil doesn't buy you the full monty.

But really...I think we need to revolt against this kind of wealth-flaunting....especially in these tough times.
Sheesh! What a way to abuse one's wealth!...I mean, this is an obvious throwdown to the poor and an under-funded nation of people.

And you know what!? For those with the coinage to splurge for an eccentric gift as this, I have a couple words for you...

...will you adopt me?

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,



Anonymous said...

With $1,000,000 you could buy a house on a golf course, and play a lot of golf on a real course. But, the round with Jack Nicklaus wouldn't be included. You could probably get him to come play for a fraction of what you have left over.


Par Fore said...

Nice job on this post. I chuckled several times during the read. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

that's a very nice post...I read it and it feels like you write it sincerely...

Anonymous said...

Who said the country is in a recession?

LoneWolf said...

For those apartment dwellers, I've got some space where you could keep it if you really want it. I wouldn't charge much to store it for you 8=)