Saturday, February 28, 2009

News flash: Barney Frank doesn't golf

Golf can't catch a break. Tiger Woods comes back from injury and that is great news for golf, but The Northern Trust Open last week in Riviera CC was busy putting a cap on the party by becoming the latest casualty in the TARP witchhunt that ferrets-out companies that have come to the government hat-in-hand, only to continue its business-as-usual high-society lavish attitude.

It used to be the golf was reserved for players with etiquette. Now sponsors, and those associated with them have to show the etiquette.

Golf is now in the cross-hairs. The PGA Tour has been outed by Barney Frank since the majority of its events are sponsored by banks, auto-makers, and insurers.
The game will stay the same, but the rules for everyone involved in it have changed. As Prince would probably like it's 2008.
Folks, if you think sponsors are fretting about the rest of 2009, the government is doing it's part to make sure there will be no sponsors in 2010. Golf has been targeted as the sport for the big spender, the game that draws the $250k mile club. That club is under fire, and everything associated with it has, and is, going down. Some of it rightly so, some of it not.

It should be said the Barney Frank had a love affair with Fannie and Freddie Mac, declaring that they were financially sound companies in 2007. This man is the head of House Financial Services Committee. 'Financial Services' there's an oxymoron!
He doesn't understand that Northern Trust is pursuing high net worth individuals to park their billions with their agents. The fees generated from this help pay back TARP funds. I'd like to ask Mr Frank if he was pursuing a powerful legislator to back one of his bills, would he take them to Morton's Steak House or Applebees?

In my opinion, the sad thing about this witchhunt is we are only hurting the one's that the government is trying to help. So Northern Trust gets busted...those folks are making the big money...but you know what? Those big money people take there money elsewhere, and the one's left holding the bag are the employees of The Riviera CC, and the employees and businesses in the surrounding Los Angeles district that depend on major events coming to their neighborhood so they can earn more money...but our government is getting in its own way by poo-pooing these conventions and events. They don't see that now of course, but they will next year when these sponsors don't come back...and not only in golf.

I remember when I was lucky enough to procure Masters tickets, the volunteers would hold signs before a player was hitting. The signs read "Hush Ya'll"... so the spectators would "hush".

Now the government is holding those signs.

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