Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Tools for MyDailySlice readers!

I've recently added a couple awesome new tools that will allow you to really get inside the uniqueness of the game of golf.
Two new social network tools: Twitter, and ShareThis, will allow you to follow not only my thoughts, but thoughts of some of the best writers of the sport, as well as the best golfers in the world.

How you say? Well, you can follow me on Twitter...and here's the cool can follow the Twitter-ers that I follow as well...which are pretty unique to the game of golf.

Go my Twitter link to see who I follow...I'll wait.

Pretty cool, huh?! I know that you might not be really interested in my timely diaper changes to my future LPGA star...but I do know you are interested in what Stewart Cink is doing right now!

Now for the second app: ShareThis. You can now read the articles that I read, and have inspired me to post...for well over 3 years now...That's 300 in Second Life years!
I read a lot of great stuff during a week...and some of it gets lost in the noise of everyday life, but now I can feed what I'm reading right to my blog post so you can get inside on some of the uniqueness of golf...the essence of what I find interesting.

You might call my blog with these new apps a mashup of what makes MyDailySlice tick.

This will give you more updates to read, and will truly be what I envisioned when I started my blog so long ago: To be a daily slice of golf.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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