Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kickin' it...old school

Last weekend I went back in time...to 1981 exact. The last time that I had played with a bag of Persimmon.

Now, Persimmon...for those who are to young to remember (man, that makes me feel old to say that), is the genesis of the golf-word "wood". Not to be confused with the wood pencil that comes with your scorecard, the "wood" was the Mona Lisa of golf. A seductress that defined an era in golf of great craftsmanship. Names like MacGregor, Hogan and Cleveland made some of the finest woods for the sport. There were even more smaller craftsmen, like Ofer in Canton Ohio, who were able to hone their craft on this fine Persimmon wood to make stunning pieces of art.

Even if we took their "art" and cranked divots all over the golf course. There are many small bushes I've planted from the divots I created.

Playing with these clubs last week brought back very fond memories of what golf was really like. It was all about the feel of the club. The sound of the golf club hitting the ball...it was a thwack...not a ping. The game was more exact, as you had the sweet spot the width of a golf ball with the Persimmon...not like today's metals that require only that you be in the vicinity of the center of the club...could that have made me focus more on my swing? I don't know, but I haven't played in 8 months before this outing, and I put up a low 80's number...in tennis shoes...a number that I attain with today's technology on any given day.

Could it be that golf could enjoy a renaissance returning to the tools that started the love affair with the game? After playing, I couldn't help but wonder. Could it be that all this technology has turned the game sterile? I feel the game would be well served to revisit its past.

How interesting would a throwback golf tournament be? I think very! I also think that there is a vast marketing opportunity waiting for the right companies to capitalize on this. Golf, like all sports is going to need something fresh to maintain its interest...if the powers that be kick this around...they might find that old school might be the new school.

I encourage everyone to grab their old woods and play a round. See how it makes you feel.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,



ABrown said...

Great post! I've thought about this idea myself and I'm sure many others have as well. Fans would pay good money to see Tiger and Phil swing away with an old wood. Even better would be to throw in some knickers and a sweater vest.

HIO Golf Doctor said...

rocking the knickers would be awesome. I have would love to see some of the new players play with old school clubs!