Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is this what Earl Wood's wanted?

Tiger's Dad predicted with much clarity that his son would become more than a golfer and would become an international ambassador of goodwill.

Except for the hookers involved in his "transgressions"....not sure all this is what he had in mind.

While in hiding. his handlers would be well advised to drop his nickname 'Tiger' and recreate his new image as Eldrick, and...if he comes back to lose the red shirt in favor of, not a smoker's jacket...but logo-ed apparel from MLB, NFL...or other organized sports associations.

He has to re-start his career from the bottom and work his way back up. To re-earn the nickname and red shirt.

I think that's what his Dad would want.

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Bob Jones said...

For some reason, Tiger never grew up. His petulant behavior and sense of entitlement were things that Earl should have seen early and knocked out of him. Unless he was blind to it. Or thought it was OK for his son.

Tiger will always be a million times better golfer than I am, but he has yet to become even half the man.