Sunday, June 13, 2010

History of a decade

10 years ago Tiger Woods won The US Open by an astounding 15 golf shots. A feat that would become his springboard to the infamous "Tiger Slam" and the pinnacle of his career.

Looking back, there were a few pinnacle's that defined the decade. Let's take a look back 10 years ago to see what else was at the top:

The Dot-com bubble was about to burst...the Nasdaq peaked above 5000 for the first time...and the last.

AOL bought Time Warner for over 160 billion...marking the peak of the Dot-com greed that pervaded Wall Street.

George Bush accepted the Republican nomination. The peak of Republican popularity.

Roger Clemens throws the jagged bat of Mike Piazza's at him as he runs to first. The peak of one of the greatest pitchers of all time.

Reliever John Rocker disparaged himself on a subway train at the peak of his career.

Olympic wrestling peaked with an astounding triumph of Gold for heavyweight Rulon Gardner.

Quite a lot did happen in the last decade that, have redefined sports and Capitalism. This year should mark another start of a 10-year span that will be equally impressing...we just won't know it until 2020.

But, nothing earthshaking could happen...and it could be a boring 10 years...crazier things have happened...10 years ago, the planets aligned...and we all thought "how could it get any crazier than that"?

...maybe in this decade pigs will fly. That would be something...

...the peak of pork.

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2ndSwingGolf said...

Don't forget the expansion of reality television. I love Big Break Sandals.