Sunday, September 12, 2010

Golf isn't fantasy

The PGA is trying to break out of its shell. And the media won't let it.

There are some great stotylines playing out this year leading up to the Ryder Cup that are screaming for coverage, but the media is too scared to move the needle from its Tiger-mania comfort zone to care.

Matty Kuchar, who was a can't-miss kid out of Georgia Tech, is now a seasoned vet that is playing the best golf on the circuit. Here's a story that if the media wanted to refocus its myopic view, would find a new legion of interested fans.

In other words, if the media played the football version of fantasy golf, the focus would be more current and open to finding the next great buzz.
Instead, I get the ESPN scroll-screen telling me about 'other noteables'. In fantasy football if you're looking for 'other noteables' it usually means you've lost. It's all about who's on top.

Does media want to hang its collective hat on 'other noteables'? I know/think? the PGA doesn't.
What is it going to take for the PGA and the media to put its heads together and come up with a new buzz? The past buzz has become a hangover and is taking its whole legion of casual viewers down with it.
Finchem needs to have a tete-to-tete with media and play a friendly game of fantasy golf.
Then both sides would understand the fans' view. We want to know about players trending higher on the food chain.

We want new storylines...

...It starts with Matt Kuchar.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,



2ndSwingGolf said...

Also get ready for the Ryder Cup and all it's gambling lines. Golf isn't golf without a line green on the line and skin in the game.

Amber said...

Really good reading here at your blog, including this particular post. I'm coming back for more soon!

Mleopold said...

I think Tiger is going to bounce back big in 2011. Phil is going to be right there, too. Those younger guys will look good from time to time, but can they be consistant? We'll see.