Saturday, June 11, 2011


Now that I am classified as a "phenom" on the Wii-Nationwide Tour...I felt I had the chops to take my newfound confidence to a real golf course...terra firma...the reality yin to the virtual yan. I mean 3 months of learning my new swing from the Wii feedback should shave a few shots off my real score...right?

Ummm...well, yes and no...

During my trial by fire on the Wii, I realized that I could get 100% swing speed by forcibly using both arms as one on the downswing (before I had just been using my left arm and my right had been along for the ride). This knowledge is the basis for my new swing.

As I approached the range, I looked at the range balls with lust as I clamored for my 7-iron (my tempo club) to take a few swings to appreciate my "new" swing.

...okay, enough of the get the idea. I stood there in wonder (and nervous sweat) where my swing went.
I started cussing-out the Wii. I took my Driver..."dammit...I'm gonna force a solid connection.... it swooped in on the loblolly pines to my extreme right.

What the $&%?! I'm desperately hoping my playing partner is not watching this meltown...

Time to take the wedge, and after a few methodical, solid connections...I had gained some confidence to walk to the first teebox.

Overall, I played pretty well. I think my Ranger Rick episode was more about the weight of a golf club (the Wii controller obviously is not congruent to mimic a golf club) than anything else.
The grid you see on the Wii when putting I think helps read real greens...I think you are more aware of the green, and not the line you are trying to find, and that actually helped.
As for using both arms to forcefully swing..yes it really has helped figuring that out on the Wii and bringing it to the course. Both woods and irons were flying accurate and solid. I actually want to practice on a real range now...something I don't relish...but I see where I can make some good strides to increasing the power in my game...something I've always lacked..oh, and thanks to the variety of I can accessorize...I'm picking out better golf clothing....ya know...fake it 'til ya make-it. where can I find some lead tape to put some weight on the controller?

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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I would love the invention of a WII control with the same weight as my golf club, but I´m not sure the interior of my house would feel the same :O)