Friday, August 12, 2011

Why Tiger Woods will file for bankruptcy

Last week, our country passed legislation to increase the debt ceiling. Something that is possible when you print money. "Hey boys! Chief pushed the' save our asses' button again...put down your union placards, and help me find the copier button!"

Tiger Woods does not print money. Oh sure, back in the day when he was first featured on a Wheaties box, you could send away box-tops for a sleeve of "autographed" Titleist balls... his star was rising, and you (and his Dad) could see the yellowbrick road paved with millions, and we were glad to pay up for viewing his greatness.

It almost happened..I've heard somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 million...but that was then...

This is now... This week, 10-year sponsor TAG Heuer dropped the Chosen One, to distance themselves from this fallen angel. The last vestiges of multi-platinum contracts has been squashed. Now Tiger is relying on the good people from Japan to pick up the pieces to plug the gaps left in his million-dollar portfolio of sponsors. He is down to 7.

My parents instilled a rare value in me that when you get your debts, so you are not a burden to society. Government doesn't do this...they are quite content to kick the can down the road to let future congressmen or adults figure it out..our personal total taxes we pay till August, after that we get to keep it! Where's my barf bag?

Tiger is kicking the can right now...he has huge, help...his charities. You get the idea. Tiger doesn't print money anymore...those days are over. He is relegated as a sojourner...and the media is feeling this. One day, the media will not be enamored in Tiger Woods and his red sunday shirt (or lack therof).

The first sign of his coming money problems came when he let go Stevie Williams...Stevie is the ultimate collateraly-damaged character in this soap opera. Tiger can't afford him anymore. End of story. Good on ya Stevie...judging from the Bridgestone...let's hope Adam keeps it real for you.

My bet is somewhere toward the end of 2012 we will see more cracks in the armor that was once golden and is now stained rose-colored glasses, and the dominoes will fall.

I wonder if he has Tyson's number?

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Gareth @ Golf For Beginners said...

Well his net worth is aroun 500 million dollars for 2011 but you are right he will need to start winning agian. If he does the sponsors will not return that is for sure. As for Steve Williams I genuinely think this wasn't to do with money it was Tiger just trying to move on.

Golf Towels said...

You think Tiger, a billionaire (the first in sports) fired his caddy because of money? Hhhmmm