Friday, June 08, 2012

Paying it forward


Golf and fitness program offers fun, interactive curriculum to develop youth physically and mentally

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – The PGA of America is continuing its mission to develop the next generation of golfers with the PGA Sports Academy, an interactive and exciting approach to teaching youth about health, fitness and the game of golf. More than 1,400 facilities nationwide have registered to offer the program and can be found by visiting

The Sports Academy curriculum includes phased levels of instruction, making the program adaptable for youth of any age, fitness level or golfing ability. The programs are taught by certified PGA Professionals and include instruction and development in the below core areas:

Golf Skills

Fitness and Nutrition

Sportsmanship, Rules and Safety

Golf and Near Golf Experiences

"The greatest and most enjoyable service our PGA Professionals can provide is to teach a young person to play the game," said PGA of America President Allen Wronowski. "We're excited about the upcoming summer and the opportunity to connect with kids throughout the country that will make up the future of our game. We experienced success with the PGA Sports Academy concept when it was launched in 2011, and we continue to grow the program based on the feedback of parents, participants and our outstanding PGA Professionals."

The Sports Academy consists of three levels that develop the necessary physical and golf skills to practice, improve and enjoy the sport of golf. Youth are tested before they begin each levelto determine their level of experience and establish personal goals.

The Player Level of curriculum is aimed at introducing new junior golfers to the fundamental movements and motor skills needed for a golf; swing basics such as grip, stance and balance; ball striking games that incorporate elements of baseball and hockey; and essential safety and etiquette.

The Sport Level is targeted at the development of young golfers and includes instruction on overall sports skills and the movement skills fundamental to golf; scoring, rules, and playing golf; and swing alignment and short game development.

The Champion Level instruction stresses the refinement of the golf swing; strength and flexibility training; and course management. After completing the program, young golfers should be ready to play golf on a competitive level.

The PGA Sports Academy will also give participants a practice program to improve their skills when not under direct instruction. All levels of the program include health and diet information like how to stay hydrated during physical activity and proper nutrition before, during and after exercise. Parents of PGA Sports Academy students will also receive resources to help them support their child in his or her development in the game of golf.

The PGA Sports Academy will be structured differently ateach participating course, so parents are encouraged to contact their local PGA Professional to receive specific information about the program.

The PGA of America has received the 2012 Golf Digest Junior Golf Development Award for the PGA Sports Academy.


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