Monday, June 10, 2013

Guest Post

The Journey from Junior Golf to College to The Masters


Help make it happen for your Junior Golfer!


Getting to the Masters Tournament is a high ambition to instill in your child, but with plenty of hard work, practice and support from you, nothing is out of reach!


Teach your junior golfer about being trustworthy and responsible, even when they may struggle on the course. "No carding" is a big deal, and you don't want a note like that placed on your junior golfer's tournament record. Teach your child to stick with the sport and not to quit even when it's tough, and most importantly, to always turn in a scorecard even when they aren't satisfied with how they did.


Check out some notes from Junior Golf Scoreboard's Mac Thayer and Twitter fans about no carding


When your junior golfer starts high school, academics and earning a college scholarship to play golf is top priorities. Make sure your high schooler stays on track, but don't be too overbearing. Your golfer will need to learn to work on their own for college, and recruiters know how to spot players with parents who are too overly involved. Brush up on our college scholarship tips for more ways to help your junior golfer further their golf career!


Take your junior golfer on a trip to the Masters Tournament. There's nothing better than seeing the biggest names in golf in action! Also, the junior golfer should learn to play on different golf courses, check out here for some of the many golf courses in Wisconsin.


Encourage your young golfers to engage in conversation with their competitors, and form friendships at tournaments. Sportsmanship is especially important for the pros. Every year the past Masters Champions get together at the Masters Champions Dinner – a great example of building camaraderie during a competition. Each year at the Masters, the previous year's winner has the honor of choosing this year's dinner menu. Learn more about this tradition and the menus at


Every parent wants to see their child succeed – help guide your junior golfer and they just might earn a college scholarship or a spot at the Masters!



Author: Lamar Hull is an avid golfer and writer for Lamar spends most of his time writing and playing golf and basketball. Lamar loves to provide golfing tips and drills.

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