Friday, August 30, 2013

A fun summertime golf book

Summer, a time to relax by the pool and take in the good vibes of lounging, eating what you want, relaxi...oh wait...I have kids, so scratch that....there is no such thing as relaxing. I'm more like an overburdened Sherpa pandering to the multitude of wants and needs as my kids regale in the pool and take in the good vibes and eat what they want at my expense.

But I digress.

In between the sleep, work, sleep routine that I have mastered, I get to enjoy a little solace. I want to tell you about a very good book I read this summer by Dylan Dethier. The book is '18 in America'.

The story is about a young man getting ready to go to college, but before he does, decides to take his life, clubs and car (he affectionately calls "Subi") on the road, attempting to play 18 holes of golf in every state of the Union.
In business we call that pivoting, in kid-speak they call that cool, in parent-speak we call that frightening.
But, with his parents' blessing, he takes off on the road to explore, endure, and relish his time spent hitting a ball on various turf-grass from Grover Cleveland Golf Course to Bandon Dunes.

For the next two months, he spends his hours finding out the ugly, bad, and good of the people he meets along the way, all the time telling his story with fast, witty and innocent prose, that reads light but fulfilling. I would totally recommend picking up a copy at your local bookstore. His story will make you wish you were a kid again with a chance to do what he did in America.

Keep it in the short-grass,


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