Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Book Review: "Your Short Game Solution"

If I was 15 again, I would want to travel into the future... read, and make notes of, this great instruction manual "Your Short Game Solution" as taught by James Sieckmann.. For me, the short game is the most important foundation you can have in golf. Drive for show....putt for dough. Well, in this case it is chip for dough, and this book is critical in the learning process.

This book allows you to experience the flaws and fixes at your own pace, with illustrations of the right way and wrong way to address any "flaw" that the book describes as "fatal". So, when you get to Chapter 5, get ready for a deep dive into becoming a great chip artist.

What I really like about the book, is it moves through the learning process very politely, but then opens you up to what your mind brings to the game...or rather practice tee, to ensure that your whole body is ready to accept the new you. Chapter 8 delves into it with lessons and tips on how to take what you've learned in these pages, transfer them to an accepting mind, and with drills, successfully keys them into your inner game where they become habit.

My daughter is 7. Still in the figuring what sport she likes age. Sure we knock it around at the local driving range where the flying bugs bounce off the lights further than her tee shots, but we're going to get there.... and when she decides that this sport is what she wants to really go after, the lessons in this book will be the first that I give her.

If not, then I have great resource when I retire to golf full time!

Keep it in the short-grass,


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William said...

A very helpful post! This is especially beneficial for us golf newbies.