Sunday, November 15, 2015

Book review: Revenge of the Golf Gods

What if you could take a pill to guarantee winning a golf tournament...would you do it?

Ok, it's probably being done right now with Adderall...but I digress...

Revenge of the Golf Gods is a fictional take on this idea, when worlds collide to bring a wannabe pro golfer, and a desperate drug developer in contact with each other.

The book ambles its way to developing the main character Gordon Howard, and his sidekick caddie, whom together reach Q School. The journey that ensues is a page turner.

This is Author Howard Jahre's first book, and worthy of the bookshelf. The ending is pretty good.

It is fiction, but I'm sure that the genie in this bottle book is being played out in a non-fictional form. Heck, it's in cycling...and has permeated sports in all forms.

It is sad state of sports, and reading this book leaves one to ponder is anyone left that has a conscience... besides fictional caddies.

Keep it in the short-grass,



Richard said...

Sports has become messy no thanks to drugs.
Would be sad to see my favorite sport golf smeared with the same evil, let's hope we see clean play!

Golf Reviewer said...

I should check it out sounds interesting.

Best Golf Push Cart said...

Looks like Revenge of the Golf Gods has good amazon reviews too. Do you think the fictional take is worth buying?

Anonymous said...

The book is awesome. I am giving it out to my clients this year for a Christmas gift.