Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Book review: This is Your Brain on Sports

I recently read this fantastic sports book that uses hard data from various athletic performances to offer a psychological perspective. This is Your Brain on Sports, the science of underdogs, the value of rivalry, and what we can learn from the T-shirt cannon  is a quick-read, that drills down to the why-we-do-this, why-we-act-that-way questions, using examples from different sporting events to individual athletic highs and lows.

You may be interested in: why do I want to go play golf when I can't even make a 3-foot putt when it counts? Well, it's called sunk-cost...and this book offers up the why's and what-for's in this feeling that we have when we play this great game of golf, using golf as the example to understand sunk cost.

Every chapter is interesting, funny, and on topic. This is a great book to enhance your conversational golf repertoire, because it is filled with timely stories that describe the behind the scenes from a mental and habitual perspective.

So, please check this book out. I promise, it will not be a sunk-cost use of your time.

Keep it in the short-grass,


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Taylor said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. Very hard to find good books on golf these days! Will definitely look into it.