Sunday, January 15, 2006

Comcast wins, sponsors lose

The AJC reported today that the new deal the PGA struck with media involves shifting the majority of golf tournaments to The Golf Channel, where subscribers are far less, than current broadcast host ESPN. The major channels will continue to program the majors and various other TPC tournaments that dovetail with the new viewer strategy of the PGA.

This is a deathnell to the small-market tournaments held throughout the year that fill in the gaps between the majors and TPC events.
Clearly, this is the PGA's market strategy....all geared toward the big money tournaments getting bigger, and the others?........hello Nationwide?!
It all revolves around viewership and...well...the small-market tournaments don't hold a candle to the bigger ones.
What determines the fate of a tournament is the; If -Tiger -ain't -in -it, -I -ain't -watching -it mentality. It starts with viewers like us, but it ends up as loss of sponsors, their constituents, and their sponsor tents.

Eventually, like reported, the media goes away.
BTW...the Golf Channel is owned by big business won't lose, rather it's the little guy...the small town, the local newspaper...and the local charities.

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