Monday, January 16, 2006

Thinking about new equipment...

There is a lot of hype surrounding hybrid clubs. More pros are seen playing these clubs, and there are folks who swear by them.
So I decided to look into know...just to see if I needed one. ;-)

I carry a 3+ and a 5 metal in my bag. As for irons I carry 4-9, I have a standard wedge, attack, sand and lob wedge. My putter and driver round out my set.

Problem: I have a gap between my 3+ and 5 metals, that a hybrid could possibly meet. I would drop my lob wedge (to stay within the club limit), my reasoning here being that the % of times I use the lob verses the gap is very small.

Thought process: I REALLY like my metals, I play the same shaft in each so I have a trusted feel in those clubs. I have a "prehistoric" Mizuno T zoid forged 8 degree neutral head for my driver. Compared to the 400cc+ heads out there, it now looks more like a 3 wood.
All my irons are custom. The lob, although rare when I use it, gives me complete confidence over the shot. This is VERY important. When I need to use that wedge, it is for a low % shot...meaning that my outlook is going to determine the success of the shot a high % of the time.

Solution: I decided to leave the lob in the bag, and opt for replacing the head of my driver. My reasoning is that I can pick up at least 15 yards with the 400cc head. I am keeping the same shaft but moving to a 9 degree neutral head. The extra yardage will fill the gap in my bag.

Bottom line: Instead of going a whole new way, I'm tweaking what I already have. I look forward to seeing the results of my decision.

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short grass.


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