Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quality vs quantity

Starting with your next round, don't think about your score. " What?" You say. "Ok, this blogger is loopy."

Remember we talked about breaking your game into chunks of 3 holes? Another purpose of thinking this way is to avoid getting lazy. Shots become just another hit ball, and your focus has turns to fodder when you play all 18 holes at one time.
Play each shot for what it the best of your ability.....without thinking of your overall score. Just focus on the 3 holes you are playing, and each time you start another set of 3 you will, just from the innate ability to be competitive with yourself, you will sharpen your focus.

After your round, don't worry about your final score, rather think about the quality of the shots you took.
The goal being to make more quality shots from the quantity you took. Maybe you'll start out at 50% quality over quantity. The challenge being: can you get it to 100%?

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short grass,


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