Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm late for my tee time!

Forget hitting balls, your immediate problem is getting to the tee box before your buddies leave you.
You think to yourself: "how can I get myself prepared without doing a Walenski on the first tee?"

Let me help.

Posture is everything, so as you're driving, walking, running to the tee...sit or stand straight and press your shoulder blades together. Pressing your shoulders together promotes correct posture.
Do not stretch. Stretching cold will only promote injury.
When you make it to the tee, and after absorbing all the ribbing from your golf buddies, you are ready to go.

Remember when we talked about routines? This is why it comes in extremely handy. Not only will it focus you on your task, but it will s l o w y o u d o w n.

That's it: 1) remember posture 2) don't stretch cold 3) find your routine on the first shot.

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short grass,


P.S. "Wow!" you say. "This blog is a gold-mine of golfing nuggets that helps me immediately become a better player without preaching to me about how I'm s'pose to hold the club! Are you sure this is free? What's the catch?"
Catch: If you feel I'm helping you, drop me a comment. Or, better yet e-mail my blog to a buddy.

Thanks again,


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