Friday, February 17, 2006

Get a real fantasy team

As reported in the CA newspaper The Desert Sun , you can now buy a franchise for a golf team that will compete in a golf league.

With the fan popularity of the FBR Open in Phoenix, the idea to have golf teams seems a natural extension of this "hey-I-went-to-a-golf-tournament-and-a-party-broke-out" phenomina.
Look no further than Ryder Cup play to get a feel for what this brand of league play could bring.

Teams are currently only available in CA, but expansion should bring it to AZ soon.
Mind you, this is not santioned by any golf-governing body, just a few willing entrepreneurs that I guess want to take the current fantasy golf euphoria to a new level.

If this whole idea is not enticing enough, the cost to own a team is only $30k.

Now, who wouldn't want to own a sports franchise? In case my wife is reading this....I know where the checkbook is.

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short-grass.


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