Saturday, February 18, 2006

This one's off topic

Ok, I love golf, and I'll always write about golf.

Today is different.

You know who Lindsey Jacobellis is...if you don't....excuse me while I rant....hey, it's my blog!

I have a bone to pick with the whole media's attitude towards her achieving the silver medal in snowboard-cross.

One of the many examples from the avalache of negative coverage of her performance: I picked up the AJC today, headlining the Olympic coverage was 'Fool on the Hill' in which the writer Karen Rosen does her best pile-on commentary on how Jacobellis didn't win Silver, but lost Gold. Hey, even Bob Costas was in on it, actually thanking her for not "ducking" his (ooo, let me get her to cry) questions.

Media's widespread let's-get-on-the-bandwagon world that we live in is enough to make me sick!
Here's a 20-year old girl that has won every snowboard competition you can think of, can shred circles around any of the over-reaching media-types that are covering today's sports stories, and, oh-by-the-way is beautiful and a millionare.
You'd think by the way the media dumped on her that they are jealous........hmmm..
A long time ago, my Mom (rest in peace) told me that those who can't climb a tree to reach the fruit will always claim the fruit is sour.
No more was the true color of the media exposed, than in the coverage aftermath of the Jacobellis performance. The media-emporer is exposed, and it has no pants.

Snowboard-cross is a first-time event in the Winter Olympics after getting it's training wheels in the X-games. The Olympics needs these kind of events to keep us from falling asleep as we nod off during ice-dancing and curling.
Now the training wheels are off, and yes, we have our first crash.

Jacobellis was in this event for her country yes, but more-so for her sport. The media doesn't get it, they wouldn't know a snow-board if it came off a bag-claim at an airport. All they care about is how am I going to get some sensationalism out of this? Jacobellis is in a sport that is based on flair.
How else does a new sport get noticed, but with lots and lots of flair?

I think that's where the perfect storm happened. Here you have under-knowledged media-types covering a new sport most have never heard of, and a bunch of amped kids wanting to show off their sport to a world that is watching a never-before seen Olympic sport.

The combination was a bummer to all who watched, competed in, and read the results.

Hey Lindsey, I think you did great just because you were there representing our country. Congratulations!

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short-grass.


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