Monday, February 20, 2006

Maybe she should do an Alzheimer fundraiser

Morgan Pressel made her 2006 LPGA debut this weekend in Oahu, Hawaii for the SBS Open. Her finish (T5) made her a cool 33k+.

But the real story was her Grandmother.

Looks like Grandma Pressel was in charge of Morgan's new wardrobe from Polo Golf (which provided her with 15 new 2006 collection shirts that Morgan was to debut at the event). From her blog she explains how she wanted to pack them, but her Grandma wanted to "hang them so they wouldn't wrinkle."
Well, you can check out her blog, but to summarize: Grandma forgets to pack them, and Morgan is in Oahu with no shirts from Polo. She blames Grandma because "I was doing a charity tournament for Hospice."
Thanks to her Aunt who diligently had them FedEx'd from her home to Oahu, a crisis had been averted.

I'm not sure if the crisis was Pressel's or Polo's .....:-)

I can just see John Daly in this predicament: "Boss, we've left the Lumber84 shirts back at basecamp, all we've got are shirts with Diet Coke and ketchup stains." I believe Daly's reply would have been: " Oh hell Jimmy, just pull over at a Walmart, and get a blue one from the rack."

That was then, this is now. These days, sponsors rule the roost. All sponsors in golf events are putting big money down, in the hopes of attracting the elusive high-income image, as it seems they are the driving force to exceeding quarterly numbers for these sponsors. One shirt not on display by Pressel could literally mean millions of dollars lost to a company like Polo (Ralph Lauren).

BTW: If this story would have had a sad ending (meaning the shirts didn't make it), I would have re-named this post Grandma got run over by a reindeer.

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short-grass.


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