Sunday, February 05, 2006

Observations at the FBR Open

So here we have a guy leading the 3rd round (J.B. Holmes) as a rookie. Here's a news flash: The state of KY will NOT be watching the Super Bowl!!!!!

I'm not sure if it's awesome that Holmes played for his H.S. golf team as a third-grader, or embarrassing for the H.S.. I'm sure the state of Kentucky doesn't care, as this is the best sports story to come out of KY since...well... whatever happens at Churchill Downs.

I believe the announcers said he hit a wedge 189 yards.......yesterday. They pronounced, in their eloquence, saying"he tugged it trying to hit it too far"......ya think??????

This kids' demonstration goes back to what I postured as the beginning of the end of TV-viewership for the PGA. Outside of KY...who's tuning in? The nation will watch the Super Bowl today...even if it's just for the commercials....Phil isn't in it....the ASU former-star is the big reason for the tournaments appeal. The better golf tournament to watch is the Dubai Classic, where there is a dog-fight going on. I bet the FBR will have the lowest TV ratings today ever in it's history.

I'm sorry J.B., it's fun to watch you hit 380 yard drives......maybe once or twice....but it's not compelling TV.
As Harvey Penick once said: "The woods are full of long drivers."

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short-grass.


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