Monday, February 06, 2006

Repetition breeds confidence

Ok, I was wrong about J.B. Holmes. That was compelling TV for a non-major.......this week. I like what I saw of him, and think he'll do very long as he stays flexible. The drive he hit on 18 made me cringe, not because it went so far, but because his uncoil was so violent. Let's just say I see pilates in his immediate, and forever future. His paycheck yesterday should ensure that he'll find an excellent instructor.

I want to focus on why he did so well this week. I've wrote about this in the past, and it bears repeating. On every shot he stood behind the ball and visualized his desired result. That is crucial for calming the nerves...all of which he did very well as evidenced by his large margin of victory. Another key element to his success was that every putt looked like a mirror image.....what I mean is that he addressed the ball in the same manner on every putt. This (just look at the results) calms the nerves as it blocks out everything, and lets you focus on the task at hand.

Finally, I loved the fact that his Dad was there for the final day. That had to be a dream come true for him and his father.
J.B. is immensly talented, I will be following his future travails.

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short-grass.


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