Monday, April 17, 2006

Adventures in Movement

This week the LPGA rolls into town, riding a wave of popularity and high expectations. Florida's Natural Charity Championship hosted by Nancy Lopez
will be played again at Eagles Landing C.C. in Stockbridge GA just outside of Atlanta.
I was fortunate enough early-on in the tournaments' history to volunteer as walking scorer. That gave me the opportunity to meet some fantasic LPGA pros, (Pat Hurst and Wendy Ward rock!) and to play the course multiple times on volunteer day. It is a beautiful layout, and there are tons of azaleas stitched throughout the lob-lolly pines on the course....should look great on an HDTV screen this weekend!

The tournaments hostess, Nancy Lopez has been the steady hand throughout the tournaments' history. Once known as the Chick-fil-A tournament, last year it backed out as the main sponsor, and left the tournament to be a multi-sponsor event. Last week however, Nature's Made stepped up to fill that void.
Ms. Lopez, from Albany GA, has used this tournament since its inception to raise funds for her favorite charity: AIM for the Handicapped , in which she is its National Ambassador.
Her charity focuses on movement exercises (primarily through music) to help all kids with various disabilities increase their motor skills.
Her charity is experiencing increased demand because of another in-need generation: geriatrics. The older our generation becomes, the more these type services will be needed in nursing homes, and other in-care facilities.

Simple motor skills are taken for granted every time we tee up a ball. This weekend though, thanks to Nancy Lopez, the awareness and funding for this disability will not be taken for granted.

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Thank you for the kind words!

You have a super website! Big shout-out to GolfChick for bringing attention to your site.

Good luck on making it to the LPGA tour. You have a great swing, and I'm sure you'll make it big.