Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another reason to hit cheap golf balls

This is Poison Ivy (PI). I didn't know what it looked like until I was infected by it. Now, when you look for a lost ball in the woods, you'll know more than I did.....(apparently, there is a high frequency of folks losing golf balls in the woods right now.)

Now comes a report by Duke University, that due to global warming, PI is transmuting into a larger, more virulent plant.....oh, that's just peachy!

It seems that PI lives on Carbon- Dioxide (CO2). With less trees, and more cars on the Earth, PI is thriving....especially the closer you get to metro-areas.

There are over 350,000 reported cases per year of this itchy...blistering nuisance, and according to the poison control center, is the most widely reported of ailments.
If you go to a doctor, he/she will most-likely provide you with a Medrol-pack, which is a steroid that kills the virus, and is the quickest way to stop the spreading to other parts of your body.
The only way to stop the PI without going to the doctor, is to use the product Tech-Nu Oak and Ivy cleanser. It can be bought at any local garden shop, or drugstore. It is the best product out there...bar-none. You can forget cortisone creams, because they will not work.

Once you get PI, the virus never really goes away even after you've been "cured". It stays dormant in your system, and becomes easier to get after you've been infected the first time. People that have other allergies are apt to get PI more often than non-allergy folks (unless you always play tee-to-green).
One other thing: PI is not contagious after the rash appears. It is contagious if the poison is on your body, and you rub-up against someone (even with your clothes).

So, you might think you got a good deal with your new 460cc driver because it'll get you on the fairway more....but the truth is it'll just get you deeper in the woods....thus more woodsy-terrain to traverse, all increasing your likelihood of a $25 co-pay at your local doctors' office....not a good deal.

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Anonymous said...

The treatment for Poison Ivy is wash the area with soap and water. Apply Caladryl lotion. It will help with the rash.
No doctor visit.

Anonymous said...

More of a reason to hit 'em straight :).

Anonymous said...

very curious... never see that, but will take care now

good blog there !
Patrick Micheletti
Golf photoblogger

MyDailySlice said...

Thanks Patrick!