Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Who's your caddy?

A new ad showed up on my Blog today, so, being curious, I had to check it know, strictly for reporting purposes. ;-) , the domain-name says it all. I clicked on the "About Us" section, and it reads: "We are an online service bringing back 500 years of golf tradition in a modern age. In an effort to introduce more women to the game of golf, and by utilizing the internet, we are allowing an otherwise diminishing tradition to be revived. As well as having more women enjoy the sport, we want bring back the way golf was meant to have been played. Walking, enjoying the course and the scenery"(my highlight). "The top 200 or so players in the world have a caddy every time they play, we think the other 20 million golfers should be able to have the same opportunity."

When I first read this, I was like: "Now I know where [insert favorite politician] spin-doctors moonlight."
After perusing the site, it becomes obvious that"scenery" isn't Azeleas, Palm trees or, for that matter, an ocean-view. No, the service they are providing are a PG version of Cart-Girls Gone Wild....hey, sexy sells.

The site goes on:

"caddy cad-dy (ka de) n: One hired to serve as an attendant to a golfer
caddychick cad-dy-chick (ka de chik) n: One hired to serve as an attendant to a golfer and looks good doing it."

I have to admit...that's good material!

What does is they hire women as caddies for golf events/benefits around the country. I'll give the company credit for thinking outside of the box on this one, and they probably do have a huge demand for their product.

We had a local tournament here for awhile that hired strippers for each hole, and I've heard of tournaments that hired Playboy Bunnies for each foursome. So, I guess this is an obvious evolvement of the concept.

Our town's local radio station just held its annual Hackers & Scratchers event, and for the first time, had to pull out a full-force ad campaign to fill all the slots.

As one who lives in GolfTown USA, I can only imagine the dearth of golfers for these events is happening elsewhere around the country.
This is what I see: as clubs, benefit organizers, and tournament directors look for new avenues of revenue, concepts like this one will flourish.

Is reaching? Perhaps. But what about the college student, or mother of two that is trying to make ends meet? This looks to me like a harmless (and fun) way to pay some bills.

The bottom-line: great idea, and good luck!

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard about them a while back. They added me on MySpace lol. I guess if they're paying for advertising they're actually making some money off the site. More power to them.