Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Read all about it: Hawaii Teen Qualifies for US Open!"

Hawaii Man: Hey Dude, did you hear Wie qualified for the US Open?!

Hawaii Dude: No Man, it wasn't was Fujikawa.

Hawaii Man: What?! No Dude, that's a golf shaft....I'm talking about the 16-year old Michelle Wie.

Hawaii Dude: Wrong Man. I'm talking about the 15-year old Tadd Fujikawa. Where have you been? Under hardened lava?

Hawaii Man: Ok Dude, now you're getting personal...and it's not lava, it's pahoehoe.

Hawaii Dude: Sorry Man, but ever since this kid's made the cut, he's been as popular as Ronaldinho....or is it Don Ho....

Hawaii Man: Who?

Hawaii Dude: Nevermind Man. Get this, the kid is 61 inches tall and can hit a ball 285 yards! He can't ride on half the roller-coasters in North America, but he's on his way to Winged Foot.

Hawaii Man: Dude, what are they feeding those kids in Hawaii to become such fantastic golfers?

Hawaii Dude: Must be the Pineapple, Man.

Dudes and Dudesses: Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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