Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wanted: Ad Director

I was thumbing through the July edition of Golf Digest yesterday, when my fingers stuck on a page advertising what looked like the second-coming of The Yellow Submarine Tour.
Training my eyes over the psych-o-delic ad, I thought for a moment that it was an ad for the Mojo ball.

Unfortunately, it was worse.

In the ad, the main character is Annika Sorenstam in a pose reminiscent of Pete Townsend, with four other LPGA tour players flanking her with rather goofy cut-and-pasted-poses as if each were saying "I'm a rock, I'm a golfer....just take the damn picture! Annika, her left arm punching through the air, is hefting a golf bag.....please, the only bag Annika carries has the words Coach embossed on it.

The tag line to the ad is "These Girls Rock".

I am not making this up.

Hey! LPGA! Who is signing off on this bunk? What era and demographic are you going for here? The hemped-up 60's?! What's next....tie dyes for the caddies? Are we going to see air-guitar performances during the tournaments?
It's really sad. In the ad, not one of the girls is smiling, arms are crossed, or on their for Annika, with her white-gloved fist-pumped harkens back the Black Panther days.

The LPGA is blessed right now with uber-talented youngsters who want to bring this tour out of the back-alleys and into the mainstream. They can do it, but it seems when they take one step forward, they regress four steps back.

Something tells me they are not manning the submarine, and it's losing its mojo.

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