Monday, June 26, 2006

Who needs Booz?

Let me tell you about the best deal I ever made.

I own an Oldsmobile Bravada, bought it new in '02, the year after 911. '02 was also the year GM in its infinite wisdom publicly declared they would no longer make the Oldsmobile, and would focus instead on their other brands.
As if the brand needed any more lead balloons attached to its sales figures, telling an already anxious public that a car will not be made anymore, just about killed it right there.
This sent shockwaves through the dealers' ranks, and put salesman on red-alert to push out the Olds' they had languishing on their lots. One way they did this was to offer a 5-year warranty along with no interest finance incentives.
The result was that I got such a good deal on that car, I felt I should have had a mask on.

This leads me to the Booz Allen.

When PGA Commish Finchem declared at the start of the Tours' season that this tournament would go on hiatus......what happened was similar to the case of GM......Finchem dealt the death-blow to an already struggling tournament.

As if stepping on its neck wasn't enough, most of the big names pulled out at the last minute saying they needed the rest from a brutal US Open. That, coupled with monsoon-like weather along the East Coast, have kept galleries at historic lows.
So what we have left is a pathetic shell of a tournament that is reminscant of a Nationwide event. Bad if you're a sponsor (poor Booz, their TV ads are the best), bad if you're a charity benefitting from this event, bad if you're volunteer, and bad if you're TV.

....but good for Ben Curtis!

Ben (former Kent State Golden Flash) is trying to turn his career around after shocking the world with his British Open victory.....and then following that up with a mediocre professional career. What a better place to do that than at a tournament that nobody cares about.
Another tour event will be dead, but that check will still cash (just make sure you deposit it before midnight tonight).

Oh yea, and Ben, you might want to wear a mask.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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