Tuesday, August 29, 2006

K-Y Jelly: branding problem solved!

Today, Businessweek featured an interesting story about the travails of re-branding K-Y Jelly.

I have a couple suggestions for the K-Y company of how to kickstart a new campaign.

Develop a brand new golf league. Pool the kicked-to-the-curb, forgotten tournaments from the PGA and the LPGA. Call it the Shafted Tour.

Feature tournaments that were dropped this year. Loveable sites such as Cog Hill (blued) or En Joie (screwed), or my personal favorite: TPC at Avenel (tattooed). Oh yeah, let's add an LPGA tournament to the list: The Nancy Lopez Classic at Eagles Landing CC.

Get this K-Y; there are volunteers and charities from these tournaments that were banished like the last kid chosen on a pick-up kick-ball team. I don't have to tell you how fired up they'd be to bring these events back for you.
Looking for sponsor money? I bet you could get Florida's Natural, Cialis, Booz-Allen AND BC to re-up with you. You want re-branding? Just think of the money generated from a Cialis/K-Y ad campaign!

The format could be a co-ed stableford system with PGA rejects from the Finchem-Fed Ex Cup, and from the LPGA; anyone who doesn't have a Rolex-modeling contract.

Here's a basic sampling of the rules:
Men play the tips, women play the forward tees. No drivers allowed. All players wear shorts, and caddies cannot read putts for the players.

Anyone complains about your rules and you can give them a complimentary bottle of your jelly to help them un-clench.

Thanks for reading. keep it in the short-grass,


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Anonymous said...

You the man, this idea has real merit. If you could only work in somethig abotu a "slippery slope". You should send this to "Fairway Fareghty." I bet he'd get a laugh out of it too!